The Operational Safety Management System (SMS) follows these quality standards:

  • Top level management compromise for the operational safety management.
  • System and risk control analysis (safety risk management).
  • Continuous surveillance of safety standards and data analysis adquired along the daily routine operations (safety warranty).

According to OACI´s definition, SMS is a systematic approach to managing the operational safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. All the SMS procedures are certified, controlled, measured and analysed. The SMS affects every procedure of the operator. The organization has every responsibility line highly defined as far as operational safety inside the company is concerned.

The key components of the operational safety management system in PEGASUS AERO GROUP are the following:

  1. Politics and goals of the operational safety.
  2. Operational safety risk management.
  3. Operational safety warranty.
  4. Operational safety promotion.

PEGASUS AERO GROUP compromised to perform its functions following the highest safety level:

  • Accomplish the applicable operational safety regulations.
  • Accomplish every applicabe national and international regulation as well as the best procedures.
  • Provide the necessary resources.
  • Establish, as a fixed rule, that the operational safety is the main responsibility of the manager in charge.
  • Make sure that the procedures are understood, set up and maintained in every single level.

Finally, we must mention that the operational safety warranty system includes 3 items:

  1. Supervision and measure of the performance of the operational safety.
  2. Change management.
  3. SMS continuous improvement.

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