Upright corporate governance  Pegasus
The management of PEGASUS AERO GROUP takes as fundamental principles integrity, honesty, transparency and responsibility. Working in a safe environment is an essential element and thus we accomplish the highest standards of quality.

Social policies and risk prevention Pegasus
Dignity and respect for the rights of all our employees is a key principle of our company, promoting a positive and safe, discrimination-free work space. We pay special attention to the accomplishment of Labour Risk Prevention rules.

Environment Pegasus
In PEGASUS AERO GROUP respect and care for the environment another our fundamental principles. Through Sebastian Almagro Foundation we developed policies that allow to improve preservation and conservation of the environment.

Regulatory compliance Pegasus
One of the primary commitments of the PEGASUS AERO GROUP is based on respect for the law and scrupulous compliance with the rules, which is being implemented with special zeal an adequate system of Compliance.

Commitment to quality Pegasus
In our more than 50 years of experience we have evolved and adapted to the market in an efficient way, always providing the best service, respecting the highest standards of quality. This continuous improvement process allows us to present the best standards of quality, environment and management assessments.

Commitment to training and equal opportunities Pegasus
We develop actions for improvement of knowledge and talent of our professionals, essential to present an effective excellent work. Additionally and through Sebastián Almagro Foundation, we develop actions which allow access to aeronautical training, promoting equal opportunities.

Personal data protection Pegasus
The privacy of our employees, customers and stakeholders is essential for the PEGASUS AERO GROUP. We guarantee this right to Personal Data Protection.

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