PEGASUS AERO GROUP is a leading international aeronautical Group consolidated and solvent thanks to the quality and professionalism of its services. More than 50 years of history and more than 550 employees guarantee our trajectory.

The four main business lines of Pegasus Aero Group are: all kind of aerial services, with more than 100 helicopters and aircrafts, training, maintenance and simulation.

It includes several branches, namely, Pegasus Aviación, center of our business line of aerial works with aircraft and helicopters as well as aeronautical training and fleet maintenance. Pegasus OffShore which, honouring its own name, offers this kind of offshore aircraft Operations. Another branch is Pegasus South America placed in Concepción and Santiago, offering all kind of aerial services in Chile, Perú and Uruguay. Elitellina is our aircraft operator trademark in Italy. You can find our Simulation Center SEILAF placed in Aerópolis (Seville) and finally, Sebastián Almagro Castellanos Foundation is created in order to promote aerial sports and to make society closer to the aeronautical world.

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