View of the future

Pegasus Aero Group looks towards the future being a landmark in the Aeronautical field, offering complete solutions in the area of civil emergencies wherever the suport of planes and/or helicopters is required. We offer a responsible service standard, focussed on keeping a constant development and renewal of the knowledge. This allows us to provide the maximum quality and security standards in each and every single operation.


To offer a service able to assist our customer´s necessities, both public and private ones. Our aerial operations respond to civil emergencies, Environmental care, as well as other aerial tasks. The goal is to be there just in time to offer our services using the most updated technology. Besides, we offer complete solutions to maintain not only our aircraft but also aeronautical training and aerial simulation.


More than 50 years and 300,000 flight hours.

Aircraft and simulators with the most updated technology.

We master more than 90 techniques and disciplines.

We act with coherence with respect to what we transmit.

People and their social and natural environment deserve our highest consideration with no exclussion nor discrimination whatsoever.

Even though we are a multinational company we keep our essence dealing with the world.

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